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Transfer from MSc to PhD

This process allows a student to enter the PhD program without first completing the MSc degree. The transfer review must be held between 8 and 20 months after entry into the MSc program. To be eligible, the student must have completed all the prescribed graduate courses required for the MSc and must have obtained at least an A- average with no failing grades. The student’s supervisor must recommend the transfer based on a demonstrated high calibre of research. A supervisory committee must be held to assess the progress of the student. If the supervisory committee supports the transfer to PhD, the student’s supervisor will communicate this recommendation to the Program Director or designate who will strike a Transfer Committee.

The Transfer Committee will consist of two members of the student’s supervisory committee plus two members of the Program’s Graduate Admissions Committee. The transfer review entails the student submitting a report of 2,000 to 2,500 words in length (excluding figures and references) summarizing his or her research to date and setting out future research plans. At least one week after receiving this, the Transfer Committee will hold an oral examination to assess the student’s progress in research. The exam will consist of a short oral presentation (10 – 15 minutes), followed by up to 2 hours of questions. If this Committee considers the student’s research to be at a sufficiently high standard for entry to the PhD, the student will be permitted to transfer to the PhD without completing the MSc degree. If not, the student will be required to complete the MSc degree. Transfers to the PhD will take effect at the beginning of the next term.

If a student is permitted to transfer to the PhD program by this route, the research performed to date may become part of the student’s eventual PhD thesis. However, the student need not continue working on the same research project, nor even with the same supervisor after transferring. This transfer option requires students to complete a minimum of two courses at the 700 level beyond those prescribed for the MSc.